Capalbio, a medieval village in the Tuscan Maremma

“Capalbio rests upon a tall knoll facing the sea, 10 miles distant from the same, all surrounded by high hills and thick and extensive bushes whilst along the sandy shores…”

(Anno 1787, Pietro Leopoldo Asburgo di Lorena, Grand Duke of Tuscany, 1787).

A medieval village in the Tuscan Maremma and the Costa d’Argento (Silver Coast), place full energy and love for its land, exclusive holiday resort destination, very much appreciated and easy to grow fond of. Wild cost lines, breath taking views, welcoming countryside, wooded hills, beautiful lakes, excellent food and wines, culture, equestrian shows, ancient traditions, either for relax or active tourism.

Resort Capalbio
Locanda Rossa Resort & Spa
Residence Hotel Valle del Buttero
Capalbio è Vino
Restaurant Pizzeria Casale Nuovo

Capalbio in Maremma

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