A place for sports!

All those who love nature, who enjoy outdoor activities be it by the sea or the countryside, will find in Capalbio the perfect conditions to exercise body and mind thanks to the wide network of foot paths and cycle  lanes or even routes for horseback  excursions with the help and support of real professionals who work in the different sports facilities. 

Bike on the paths of Capalbio

Maremma is lucky to have a rich  landscape and a network of local  roads, old farms and long pathways  that cut across the countryside  among the thick Mediterranean  maquis, with many of them sloping  up and down to finally find Capalbio  in a splendid location among all  this beauty. Winding country roads  make your journey an experience to remember through hundreds of kilometres of varied landscape, following the curves of nature, among tree-lined routes and isolated rows of cypresses, while cutting  across vineyards and olive tree  groves.

All perfect places for the  enthusiasts of cycling that in a matter of seconds can find themselves confronted by breath taking views as well as total peace. 

Ideal, because it joins sport activity and the  pleasure of discovery in complete respect for the environment, cycle  tourism can rely on a wide range of itineraries that cover the whole of the Maremma, suitable for both professionals and beginners. 

The beauty of the territory and the variety of its landscape that can be crossed riding a real Maremman  horse, make this land a place particularly suited to the practise of a number of horse riding activities. 

In the riding schools in the Capalbio’s countryside you can take up a riding course for adults or children with qualified instructors, do trekking  excursions on horseback and you can also get training to improve your skills, participate to weekly events, while children can attend summer school.

The sailing school  “Vela Capalbio” is present both in Macchiatonda and Ansedonia where  even very young children can learn  to sail under the strict supervision of  instructors FIV. 

A dip in the sea of Capalbio

Capalbio, owing to its nearness to many sites of interest and sports facilities, can be a starting point for golfers who will find in Maremma a perfect training ground on courses with natural and slight ground undulations, smack in the middle of the Maremman maquis with its  thick vegetation that includes ever green trees such as pines, corks,  bushes of albatross as beautiful natural obstacles for the game, just as it happens on the greens of the golf Golf Club Pelagone, in Punta Ala, Argentario or Saturnia all very near and easily reached from Capalbio. 

Giglio and Giannutri islands van also be reached just as easily, the  two pearls of the southern Tuscan archipelago, and that represent today the largest marine park of the Mediterranean sea and that is part of the International Sanctuary for Cetaceans. 

There are several scuba-diving schools that offer professional divers and amateurs alike or those who might wish to explore this disciplinethe  opportunity to dive to different depths or to venture with qualified instructors down to protected areas to discover the Medirrenean ecosystem with its floating posidonia, yellow and red gorgonia sponge,  octopus, cod, starfish, moray, hippocampus, pipef ish, mul let , shrimp, sea bream, grouper and  a myriad of colourful life forms that inhabit the sea bed as a demonstration of how clean these  waters really are.    

Capalbio in Maremma

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