The flavour of Capalbio

In the best Tuscan tradition the wine remains the undisputed star on the dining table, and both reds and whites are perfect to accompany the strong flavours of Pappardelle al Cinghiale  (a home-made egg pasta by rough texture similar to tagliatelle with wild  boar meat sauce) to the more gentle ones of the classic tortelli with ricotta  cheese and spinach or of Acquacotta  (a local poor’s man dish were stale  bread is mixed with celery, onions,  eggs, fresh tomatoes, oil and grated Pecorino cheese (sheep cheese), and  finally the sea flavours of fish dishes  directly from the Mediterranean. 

The history of the Capalbio’s countryside is strictly intertwined with that of the viticulture.

The firm will of local producers and governments has brought about the DOC which gives credit to a wine production whose origins date back centuries. 

Even the local cuisine has very ancient roots, which are found in the rural culture of the place, poor and simple, often related to hunting and game. 

The king of the Maremman maquis is  the wild boar, present in high numbers  everywhere in the woods and the  ability of the people of Capalbio to work its meat is well known. 

The olive tree finds its rightful place on these gentle hills next to the  vineyards, and here it gives a very fine oil with excellent nutritional qualities, full of aromas, often fruity with the  right balance of bitter and spicy. 

It is so, that within the wide panorama of quality brands, Capalbio boasts of many of the recognised products now famous for their excellence and that contribute to the  territory of the Grosseto province as a whole, like the extra virgin olive oil IGP, the wild boar sausage STG,  the artichokes in oil STG, the Tuscan  pecorino cheese DOP. 

Obviously, during the last decades, the old customs have enriched themselves with the experience deriving from an ability to confront  themselves with the new, with the aim of always improving the already excellent raw materials  thus transforming the local cuisine into a lively  hot pot of numerous restaurants dotted throughout the territory.  

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Capalbio in Maremma

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