The wonder of the sea of Capalbio

The sea, according to most, is the best attraction in Capalbio.

Capalbio Sea

Twelve kilometres of uninterrupted sandy shores where adults and children can enjoy themselves.

A great outdoors gym where to train, show off or simply relax cuddled by a climate that promises long summers and mild winters, all thanks to a long cost line with and its ferrous sand, suggestive dunes behind you, well equipped beaches and a crystal clear water over a soft seabed.

The first on the Tuscan coast that one comes across starting from the south is Graticciaia beach.

Further up, in summer, just taking a pleasant walk on the golden sand, you can see orderly rows of umbrellas belonging to the various resorts, and then the coloured chaos of the free beaches that extend before your eyes; finally, just walking a little more you can enjoy the sense of freedom of being alone and at one with nature.

To access and enjoy the sea, you can also go through Macchatonda, along a WWF path leading to an uncontaminated beach, with no sunbeds or umbrellas thanks to a shuttle organized by WWF itself, or more to the north you can get to Playa la Torba.

The non intensive exploitation of the “sea resort” potential by favouring a low profile kind of uncrowded tourism, using a conservationist approach towards the landscape and the territory in general, allowed us to have our own specific brand in the panorama of holiday resorts in Italy, as well as giving us a paradise such as the WWF oasis of Burano.

People certainly come to enjoy the sea in Capalbio because of its beauty, but also (and why not?) to show off!

Capalbio has become over time a meeting point for the famous, and our beaches seem to be the best place for this. Personalities from the cinema, television, as well as politicians and sports people or journalists, seem to just materialize here for the satisfaction and curiosity of those who had the pleasure of following them in the media. 

Capalbio in Maremma

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